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Gina Ryder

उपनाम: Gina Rider, Gina Lascano, Gine Gyder, Gina Ryders, Gina Rydor, Gyna Ryder

देश: United States

जन्म: 1977-01-23

आंख: Brown

बाल: Brown

ऊंचाई: 162 cm

वजन: 48 kg

स्तन: Fake

विचारों: 3.9K

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She has worked for Adam & Eve, Wicked, Vivid, Sin City, Cal Vista/Metro, and Legend amongst others. She also appears on The Erotic Network, Spice, The Playboy Channel, and can sometimes be seen in R-rated films for Showtime and Cinemax. She is married to an industry cameraman. She has starred in 300 adult movies. Now living in Houston, TX.

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